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of the pakistani taliban was killed in a drone strike -- >> okay. that is the latest from the white house as you can hear -- or perhaps you didn't hear all of what he had to say. he said the white house is being kept abreast on what is happening at the scene. we know at approximately 9:30 this morning, gunmen went into lax and opened fire. there are reports that as many as three people may have been wounded. we saw visually two of those people being treated in that little triage area you are seeing at the top of your screen. their wounds did not appear to be life threatening. but that is only an observation. officially we have not been given any other information other than the fact that the terminal was evacuated, terminal three, that terminal two may have also been evacuated. we saw police going garage to garage looking for suspects, but it appears now the active shooter situation is now over. mr. suitor are you still with us? do we still have cj on the plane. we lost cj. he was on board a plane, from the passenger standpoint what he told us was that they were told to stay in place on board th
.s. of sabotaging a peace process after killing a taliban leader in a drone attack. >>> also this hour forced to be a child bride at
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2